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Website cost

How much does a new website cost?

For many small businesses, a website is one of the most significant marketing investments they will make.  One of the more common questions we’re asked is ‘How much does a new website cost?’

Every business is different and has different goals so the cost of your website is largely dependent on what you want and expect from your site.  For example:

  • Is the site a place for existing customers to find out information?
  • Is the website going to be used as a marketing tool to win (or sell to) new customers?
  • Will the website need to integrate with other services or incorporate a payment system?
  • Will the website include a blog?  Video content?  Unique images and graphics? Landing pages for products/services?


As a general rule, the more functionality and customisation a client requires, the more expensive the website will be.  When we talk about functionality we mean slideshows, animation, photo galleries, eCommerce, social media integration, SEO strategies and setup, event management, timetables, contact forms etc.  While some businesses may need more functionality than others, we believe that, at a minimum, your website should:

  • Draw customers to it
  • Be search optimised (SEO)
  • Run on a content management system (CMS) you feel confident using
  • Include plug-ins for email and social sharing
  • Be mobile and tablet friendly
  • Look professional
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Provide the information your potential customers are searching for
  • Provide a return on your investment


So, how much does a website cost?


It depends!  Web design is a complex beast and the size and complexity of your project will ultimately depend on what you are trying to achieve.  But, because we don’t want you to go away without an idea of costs, here are some of the scenarios we work with and some very approximate costs…


  1. Basic website set up costs:


First, you’ll need a domain name.  A .com.au domain name will cost you around $25 a year (note that to buy a .com.au domain you’ll need an ABN).

Next, you’ll need hosting.  Hosting packages start at around $120 per year for hosting on an overseas server, while local hosting costs are anywhere from $250 to $500 per year.


  1. Website setup and installing a purchased template:


If you’re tech savvy and creative you may enjoy the challenge of creating your own site from a purchased template.  The Campaign Desk is happy to help you get started and we can also provide training on either WordPress or Joomla CMS.  To set you up with a domain name, hosting, installation of our recommended plugins, installation of your chosen template, we charge approximately $800.  The cost of your template and plugins is separate (you can find stunning templates suited to small businesses for around $100).


  1. Customising a purchased template:


We can save you a whole lot of time (and frustration) by helping you customise a template for your branding and content.  The Campaign Desk will format and upload the content, resize and optimise your images, install fonts, set up your site colours then test and troubleshoot the site for speed and functionality.  Depending on the level of customisation, size of the site and the functionality required, tweaking your template and content will cost from $1,200 per site.


  1. Customising a template plus creating all content:


This is our most common request and is an excellent choice for small and start up businesses.  We learn all about your business and the competitive space you operate in to create content and a style that positions your business as a leader.  Our team then creates and manages everything for you then hands over a completed website ready for launch.  We even provide training so you’ll feel confident to make changes and add content in the future. A six to eight page site may cost as little as $2,000.


  1. Custom web design:


The variables involved in custom web design make it far too difficult to provide even a ballpark estimate.  As mentioned above, the more functionality and customisation you require, the more expensive the website design will be.


How can we help?


Our websites are crafted to look good and be effective.  We’ll never try and sell you more than you require (though we’ll certainly let you know about options you may not have considered).  That said, keep in mind that your website isn’t a set and forget asset.  Websites can evolve, grow and add features over time.

You may choose to start with something simple, and as your business and budget grow, invest more money into further features.  We are happy to work within your current budget and time constraints and provide ideas for your future website plans.  We encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs and, after a chat about the requirements, we’ll certainly be able to give you a better idea of costs for your project.